1. Old Soul

From the recording A Place to Land

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Written by Kristyn Harris & Randy Huston


She likes to live by the code of the cowboy
And she’s mesmerized by a simpler time
A throwback to back when people used fountain pens
and still sat on their porch tellin’ lies

And she wants to raise cows just like Grandpa does
She don’t keep up with what is she keeps up with what was
Her generation finds her taste a bit strange
‘cause her fashion’s outdated by eighty years and some change

They call her an old soul in this fast changing world
Got an antique vintage streak, runnin’ deep
And her face ain’t lined from the tickin’ of time
But her heart’s from a past century

She likes to listen to music on gramophone
And watch her TV in black n white
She loves a handwritten letter, and horses are better
Than anything that she could drive

She never learned how to play video games
But she likes readin’ books and worn out King James
And she’s never backed up to the Cloud
‘cause she ain’t got grandkids to show her how


She’s learned to keep a foot inside the modern day world
But no technology can take the heart from an old fashioned girl
‘cause she’s an old soul