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"Kristyn Harris is one of the greatest talents that I have ever heard. Her heart is as big as Texas and it shows when she performs. She has a great career in store for her. I'm so proud that she's my friend."
Red Steagall

About Kristyn's album, A Place to Land:
Kristyn, you not only sang beautifully on 'Wildfire' and all the songs on 'A PLACE TO LAND', but you and Aarom crafted an excellent album as producers."
- Michael Martin Murphey

"Kristyn Harris is one of the leading forces of the younger generation keeping the Western Music tradition alive. Kristyn is a great songwriter, singer and an accomplished musician. A real treasure." 
Don Edwards

"One of the brightest young talents in this or any other genre…."
Dave Stamey

"Kristyn Harris wowed a packed OK Theatre Saturday night for the Mule Days finale music event....Her full throated performance on stage at the OK Theatre nearly brought the house down.

Whatever tune she was performing, you had the feeling that this was a genuine, warm-hearted woman, who knows horses, ranching , and the West, and loves them all. 

...her guitar found all the notes and matter how complex. It was the perfect match to showcase her clear, powerful voice that boomed during performances of Ghost Riders in the Sky, and softened with emotions when singing about her favorite mare.

It was an unforgettable OK Theatre performance that left the very appreciative audience cheering for more, and very, very glad they'd been there for Kristyn Harris' shimmering, emotive, and heartfelt western music."
-Wallowa County Chieftain article (excerpts)

"...crystal -clear voice with a strong, warm vibrato...
Harris and her band blew the roof off, rattled the windows, warmed some hearts and placed grins on many, many faces of their awed audience..." - Chisholm Country 

“The diminutive Ms. Harris has a great, big voice and knows how to use it.” 
- Cache Valley Daily

"...dexterously proficient fingers, a welcoming, engaging, persona.... and a stunningly mellifluous voice!" - Tamara Adams of Emandal-A Farm On A River  

"...powerful voice and deft musical aptitude."
American Cowboy Magazine

"Kristyn is the brightest young star on the western music horizon. She is a pure delight and will doubtless shine bright for years to come!" 
Ranger Doug of Riders in the Sky

"This bundle of energy and talent is 'the rage' on stage from the east coast to the west and if you can stay seated when she finishes her performance you're prob'ly 'bout ready for the grave!!"
- Arizona Cowboy Gathering

"A true breath of fresh air with a timeless voice." -

"You cannot find a more honest, pure, singing talent than Kristyn Harris. She plays a mean guitar to boot! Makes a Promise, keeps a Promise. She will surprise everyone with that first note. She does not need a band or a microphone! Singing around the campfire is my favorite way to listen to her sing, but she can rock the house down for a large crowd also."  - Teri Gordon, event producer

"Kristyn is a true talent!!!"  - Shelby Eicher of The Tulsa Playboys

"A powerful and shimmering voice..."
- Devon Dawson, award winning western entertainer

"Folks, this tea-cup-sized little gal will blow your barn doors clean off with her magnificent vocals and yodel!!! And.....what you see is what you get...pure honest-to-goodness GOODNESS...through-n-through." 
- Susie Knight, 2014 AWA Female Poet of the Year

"Your voice is incredible! You sing a story as if you were right there looking at it." - Brittany Miller, of RIDE TV's "Cowgirls"  

"She's like a stick of dynamite full of passion and she explodes when she hits that stage!!" - Doug Grady, western swing enthusiast

"Kristyn's voice is that of angels with a healthy dose of yodel awesomeness!!!!" - Jerilyn Caldwell, event producer, horse trainer/clinician

"What a voice..." - Mike Fleming, event producer

"Kristyn Harris is the real deal: genuinely musical, with a style all her own, and the spunk and drive to ride the Western Swing/Western Music pony all the way to the finish. This is a talented young lady, to be sure, and just as important, she represents what is good, honest, wholesome, and fun about the music of the West while keeping her own identity, and her own sound."
      - Juni Fisher, multiple award winning western entertainer

"Kristyn Harris is a bundle of delightful energy, surpassed only by her tremendous talent. A natural entertainer, and simply a precious young woman, Kristyn is a joy to be around, onstage or off!"
      - Belinda Gail, multiple award winning western entertainer

"With Kristyn, what you see is what you get, and what you get is an extremely talented young lady with a passion for her music and the skills to pull it off. She has a deep respect for her musical roots while contributing a fresh new voice - and she can SWING."
      -Carolyn Martin, Texas Western Swing Hall of Fame Inductee

"Because of my years of experience as a Cowboy Poet, I have been invited to perform at nearly every major western entertainment venue in the United States and Canada. I have seen and heard nearly every western singer and poet perform in the field, and I can honestly say that Kristyn Harris is one of the most talented and exciting entertainers I have ever witnessed. She receives standing ovations nearly every time she performs, and deserves every one of them. What is special about this young lady is the fact that she has no ego and is one of the nicest persons in the Western Entertainment business."
      -Yvonne Hollenbeck, 4-time IWMA* Female Poet of the Year and AWA* award winner

"Kristyn throws down on my adaptation of the old Geoff Mack song, "I've Been Everywhere"... I was clutching my chest and gasping for air just WATCHING her on those last two verses...!!!"   - Brian Burns, Texas singer/songerwriter, commenting on Kristyn's performance of "I've Been Everywhere (in Texas)"

"Her energy, zest for life, smile, and talent are as big and wide as "Texas with T!" I've got the "Kristyn Harris Fever!" How about you??"
      -Bobbi Jean Bell, Disc Jockey

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