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MICHAEL MARTIN MURPHEY says about the album: "Kristyn, you not only sang beautifully on 'Wildfire' and all the songs on 'A PLACE TO LAND', but you and Aarom crafted an excellent album as producers."


Review for "A Place to Land" in Country Music People Magazine (Europe's #1 country music magazine):

“I didn’t see Kristyn Harris on American Idol in 2018 but I’d be mighty surprised if any of the judges on there actually ‘got it’. I suspect they would have perceived it as some kind of novelty old timey thing when the four-time International Western Music Association Entertainer of the Year and four-time Female Performer of the Year did her thing for the American TV audience. I’ll bet they overlooked how she has one of the purest voices - yes, she can actually hit the notes that others only think they can - and just how well she does the whole Western Swing thing. Goodness only knows what they made of her yodelling which she can do with aplomb but there isn’t much of it here. 
I’m not sure if she actually is the Old Soul she sings about in the song of that title but it would be easy to believe she only watches black and white television and never learned how to play video games and prefers books 
and a “worn-out King James.” It sums her up perfectly. She is totally out of step with the modern world and I think she likes it that way. Going into the album I had thought that among the last things I needed was another version of Over The Rainbow let alone some flag-waving patriotism of America The Beautiful but I was wrong, very wrong. 
Yet, while Kristyn Harris could have been bigger than Roy Rogers if she were born about a hundred years earlier, I’d rather call it timeless. Here’s a singer who transcends decades and fads with a timeless sound that leans more towards the Western side of Western Swing but, crikey, it’s impressive. 
Standards like Roly Poly and Along The Navajo Trail are sung with love, and when Harris gets growly on the fabulous bluesy The Mule Song she pulls that off just as well. But it’s not just that. The musicianship is wonderful and the production perfect. The arrangement on Navajo Trail is subtle but inspired. The title track and Cows Around are some of the best examples of modern Western Swing you’re likely to hear and I wonder if Wildfire might hint at a future direction. It’s more modern, edgy in a slightly more Bobbie Gentry kind of way but still utterly fantastic. 
There are quotes on her website including one from Idol judge Luke Bryan who said, “You’re a one woman show” and in so doing proves himself rather foolish. Seriously, that’s the best he can say? I’d concur with Red Steagall who said, “ of the greatest talents that I have ever heard...” 
This is likely to be my go-to album to play when I need to get away from the drum loops and clap-tracks and remind myself that new music isn’t all Sam Hunt and Chase Rice.” 
- Duncan Warwick, Country Music People Magazine, March 2020 issue

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