1. The Mule Song

From the recording A Place to Land

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Written by Kristyn Harris


I love the mountains, I love the moon
Between a window in the clouds when it comes pokin’ through
Against the sky’s purple hue
Instead of blue, instead of blue
I love the sunshine down by the streambed at noon
And the echo off the canyon makes one voice become two
And that’s why-y-y, I need a mule

Anytime I want to, I could gain altitude
He’d carry me to places no horse could get to
And he would rarely throw a shoe
Might be stubborn, but I am too

Or I could pack him with some gear and some food
And find a spot to build a fire and stare at the view
You could come too –oo – oo
But you’d need a mule

Now I ain’t sayin’ I’ll be tradin’ horses in
But if I could have both now would it be a sin
‘cause when I’m low and need to go where the air is thin
Here’s a clue, for you, I need a mule

He’ll have big ears, and an opinion or two
But he’ll keep me on my toes just like a good friend would do
Yes it’s true-u-ue, I need a mule

Now I ain’t braggin’ but he’ll be as sharp as a tack
With a gentle eye that’s followed by a brawny back
And he won’t tire when we ride or pull a load
Maybe I don’t need a mule, I need two

‘cause you know, that it don’t hurt to dream
Cross a couple mares with a pair of jacks and I’ll feel like a queen
When I’m drivin’ them as a team
Or leadin’ them in string
And those big ears, I’ll give a scratchin’ or two
‘cause they’ll listen to me yodel like a good friend would do
Yes it’s tru-uu-uue, I need a mule

Yes I do
You need a mule
If you only knew
How I need a mu-u-u-ule