From the recording A Place to Land

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Written by Kristyn Harris


Well we all wake up some days with every reason to frown
But a norther don’t get warmer when you let it blow you down
So don’t let it rattle you, do like the horses do
And just turn your tail to the wind

Like a skunk upon the breeze bad news is first to get around
And there’ll be folks who want to puff until they blow your house down
But just ‘cause a rock is in your road, ya don’t have to stub your toe
Just turn your tail to the wind

When things get rough, don’t forget that even in a gale
If you put it at your back you’re bound to sail

So when your hair is in your eyes and grit is in your face
And you’ve been blowin’ and a goin’ like your whole life is a race
Don’t let it make you blue, do like the horses do
And just turn your tail to the wind

Oh, life will deal you cyclones, but like the story goes
Even those can carry you somewhere over the rainbow

So when it seems you’re movin’ backward every step you take
Just turn aside, let it whistle by, don’t carry so much weight
And you’ll have aces in your hand if you watch how the horses stand
Always turned with their tails to the wind

Yeah, just ask a horse or two, they’ll say leave the heavy loads to the mules
And just turn your tail to the wind