Badger & the Belles: CD
  • Badger & the Belles: CD
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Three award winning musicians team up on this project: Rich O'Brien ("The West's Best Guitarist"), Devon Dawson on rhythm guitar and Kristyn on upright bass, all equally sharing vocals. Here is a recent album review by Rick Huff that appeared in Western Way magazine:

"It’s generally fun and very worthwhile when accomplished soloists team up to create. And soloists don’t get any more accomplished than these! What a nice batch of little-heard gems they’ve picked for this collection! The harmony parts are the CDs strongest selling point (“Rose Of Old Pawnee,” “Rosalita,” Devon & Les Buffham’s “West Of Santa Rosa,” etc.), but there’s plenty more here to recommend. More picks include “Santa Fe’s A Long Long Way From Broadway,” and “I Didn’t Realize.” There’s an original collaboration present too… a packing lesson entitled “Don’t Forget The Fiddle.” In Rich O’Brien’s notes he says they purposely kept it “a little primitive.” Primitive, my Aunt Matilda’s carbuncle! They go about proving all they bring is all that’s needed, skillfully alternating lead and support functions in vocals and instruments. Recommended! Twelve tracks total."

Track list: 1. Rosalita 2. Slow Poke 3. Santa Fe is a Long, Long Way from Broadway 4. Maggie 5. West of Santa Rosa 6. Don't Forget the Fiddle 7. Under a Blanket of Blue 8. Lonely Rose of Mexico 9. I Didn't Realize 10. Bandera Waltz 11. Rose of Old Pawnee 12. How Long Has It Been

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